About First Congregational Church in Worcester

Who We Are

The members and friends of First Congregational Church of Worcester welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, religious backgrounds.

  • We believe that each person is unique and valuable.
  • We believe that each person is on a spiritual journey, and that each of us is at a different stage of that journey.
  • We believe that small changes can make a big difference, as we lend our service to our community, and minister to those in need.
  • We believe in supporting families as they grow within the warm environment of the church.
  • We believe that a church that brings God's Word to people in every situation, from all walks of life, helps them to grow in love and service to Our Creator and Lord.
  • We believe in the power of peace, and work for non-violent solutions to local, national, and international problems.

Our Purpose Statement

It is our purpose to joyfully celebrate Christ’s presence and God’s grace in our lives; to respect one another in love, actively seeking and embracing those who wish to grow with us in faith, hope and love; to follow the example of Jesus, as we minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the community.  Through service we flourish.